Student Lending Art Program Exhibition Tour

September 13, 2023
Event Types
Exhibition Tour
Public Program
Visitors look at artwork on walls at the List Center galleries during the 2019 Student Lending Art Program exhibition.

Installation view: Student Lending Art Program 2019 at MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, 2019.

For more information, contact:

eagarner [at] (Emily Garner)

Join the List Center for a tour of the 2023 Student Loan Art Program exhibition and see the breadth of original works of art available to MIT students to borrow for the year.

A List staff member will lead a guided tour highlighting a selection of the 700 works of art included in the student lending art collection. Students can explore the collection and enter the lottery. 

While only MIT students can borrow artworks, the exhibition and tour are free and open to the public.