Slow Art Day

April 2, 2022
Event Types
Public Program
Corten steel sculpture surrounded by pebbles on a lush green grass.

Beverly Pepper, Trinity, 1971, Cor-Ten steel, 36 x 276 x 288 in. (91.4 x 701 x 731.5 cm), Gift of the Sonnabend Foundation, Photo by Chuck Mayer. 


The average museum visitor spends an average of 30 seconds in front of an artwork. Find out what you discover when you’re invited to look slowly during this celebration of Slow Art Day an annual global museum event. Look, discuss, and take the time to experience one work of art for a prolonged period of time. This program will focus on Beverly Pepper’s Trinity (formerly Dunes I) as Pepper’s sculptures have always been rife with sexual, spiritual, and emotional connotations. Attendees will collectively carve out time to look and then share our observations and possible interpretations. 

Program is free, but registration is required.

We will continue to follow MIT’s COVID protocols