Me(dia) Response: self-awareness and activism through art-making | Part 1: Making a Statement

August 18, 2017
Event Types
Special Program
An event is held in the lobby of the Weisner Building outside of the List Center galleries. The focal point is a table surrounded by plants and special lighting.

Installation view of Evelyn Rydz’s A La Mesa part of the 2019 Student Lending Art Program Exhibition. Photo by Cassandra Rodriguez

Join artist Kate Gilbert in a participatory workshop infusing tools of meditation with media imagery to create an accumulative work of art or artifact that represents a personal, balanced response to violent imagery. This workshop, the first in a three-part series will begin with guided meditation focused on finding ones inner voice. Once centered, participants will incorporate photojournalistic imagery to create a small 3D artifact, representative of the political or social concern of their choice. Participants will leave their artifact for the next workshop participants to use and are encouraged to attend each workshop to deepen their practice of defining self and activism in a media-saturated world.

This workshop series will lead participants through the acceptance of violent imagery in media as a necessary catalyst for change, defining one’s response to violence and will culminate in a civically-engaged creative action.  Participants are encouraged to attend each consecutive workshop to deepen their practice of defining self and activism in a media-saturated world.

 To view the second workshop in the series click here.

About the Artist

Kate Gilbert is an artist deeply committed to developing catalytic artistic practices for transformation — of our cities, our relationships, and ourselves. In her artwork, curatorial projects and public art organization Now + There she strives to facilitate joy, spontaneity and an intersectional approach to creating shared cultural experiences.

Lunch will be served. All programs are free and open to the general public.