Graduate Student Talk: Noopur Rangathan

February 20, 2020
Event Types
Talk / Lecture
MIT Community
Two framed graphs by Christine Sun Kim read "Why I work with language interpreters" and "Why my hearing daughter signs".

Christine Sun Kim, Why I Work with Sign Language Interpreters, 2018. Charcoal on paper, 125×125 cm. Courtesy of the Artist and White Space, Beijing. Photo credit: White Space, Beijing and Yang Hao.


Noopur Rangathan

Take a look at the List Center’s exhibitions from a new perspective. Join Noopur Ranganathan in the MIT Biology and Anthropology departments to consider innovative communication strategies.

This talk will focus on how assistive technologies can be harnessed to empower visually and hearing impaired people to take communication into their own hands. Ranganathan will explain how she created and implemented a voice-to-text-to-refreshable braille solution for the deaf blind community that has received recognition from organizations in India, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Canada. This MIT student talk is presented in conjunction with the List Center’s exhibition Christine Sun Kim: Off the Charts.

About the Speaker

Noopur Ranganathan is an undergraduate student in the department of biology and anthropology. She has been working in the Jacks Lab since freshman year working on cancer immunotherapy and also has interests in creating solutions for the visually impaired and deaf-blind community. In her spare time, she enjoys running and photography.