Film Screening: The Blue Description Project

March 14, 2024
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Public Program
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eagarner [at] (Emily Garner)

The Blue Description Project (BDP) is an audio description and captioning project—produced by Crip*—Cripistemology and the Arts in collaboration with Voices in the Gallery— that engages Derek Jarman's Blue (1993) via expanded and critical accessibility. 

As Jarman wrote in Chroma (1994): “If I have overlooked something you hold precious—write it in the margin.” BDP takes up this invitation by creating a new, experimental iteration of Blue on the 30th anniversary of its release and Jarman’s death. The BDP iteration features creative captions and audio description that have been sourced from numerous contributors. It attempts to convey, express, engage, respond, evoke, articulate, replicate, translate, transmogrify, channel, and transcend what Blue is/was/could be....