Artist Tour: List Projects 29: Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV

May 2, 2024
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Exhibition Tour
Public Program
A white gallery with four artworks on display. On the left a large black frame-like wooden sculpture hangs on the back wall. To the right of the frame-like sculpture, two small drawings hang in wooden frames. In the foreground, a small creature-like sculpture made of metal and fabric sits on a low pedestal.

Exhibition view: List Projects 29: Brittni Ann Harvey & Harry Gould Harvey IV, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2024. Photo: Dario Lasagni

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Join exhibiting artists Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV for a tour of their exhibition, which includes their individual works alongside a collaboratively authored sculptural commission. 

In their respective practices, both artists center themes, materials, and visual motifs that relate to their hometown of Fall River and the history of the South Coast region. The two also tend to a shared social practice as cofounders of the Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art, an artist-led space that sustains a dialogue with the town’s cultural present, as well as its industrial past. As they consider their own contributions, collectively we will discover the shared aesthetics and interests that take form in their joint commission. 

During the hour, we will view works in the galleries and conclude with a discussion with the artists and exhibition curator.