Artist Talk: Leslie Thornton

October 23, 2021
Event Types
Talk / Lecture
View from the back of the gallery with three large leather seats facing a black and white projection of two children playing in a messy room.

Selected works from Peggy and Fred in Hell (1983-2015), with Peggy and Fred in Hell: Folding (1983 2015) at center. Exhibition view: Leslie Thornton: Begin Again, Again at MIT List Center, 2021. Photo Credit: Julia Featheringill

Leslie Thornton has produced an influential body of work in film and video. Her early encounters with experimental, structuralist, and cinéma vérité traditions as a student in the 1970s fueled her iconoclastic take on the moving image and gave shape to her practice of weaving together her own footage and voice with archival film and audio. Attend this talk as Thornton will discuss her work in Begin Again, Again, her artistic research practice and will delve into the significance of her subjects. The talk will conclude in a facilitated Q & A session with exhibition curator, Natalie Bell. Free but RSVP required. Visit ProtocolsTo enter MIT buildings, all adults will need a Tim Ticket for contact tracing purposes. A link to the Tim Ticket registration page will be shared with you at least 24 hours before the start of the event. You must register through the portal in order to gain access to our building entry points. We understand these protocols can be ever-changing and tricky to navigate. We want your visit to the List Center to be as smooth as possible so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions via email to listinfo [at] We will continue to follow MIT’s covid protocols. Masks will be required inside the building and social distancing will be encouraged for all programs. This event is co-hosted with the ACT Department and will be recorded and will be real-time translated for personal device.