2006 Max Wasserman Forum on Contemporary Art: A Matter of Time: Fedback and Immersion in Video Installation Art

November 14, 2006
Event Types
Talk / Lecture
Man in a red shirt sits on a chair in the forefront with 3 people sitting behind him and white tents in the background.

Stan Douglas, Still from Klatsassin, 2006. Video installation for 1 screen with numerous permutations. Dimensions variable


Stan Douglas, Thomas Y. Levin, Diana Thater, Christopher Eamon


“Feedback” and “immersion” are two poles of expression in video art. Early in the medium, closed-circuit video feeds were used as an electronic mirror, instantaneously reflecting whatever came into the camera’s gaze. More recently, however, this feedback mode has been supplanted by a more cinematic “immersion” style, as seen in the work of Bill Viola, Pipilotti Rist, and Diana Thater. The Panel will consider the disjunctions and the continuities between these two idioms in contemporary video art.