Family Programs

The List is an exciting place for visitors of all ages to explore, engage with, and discover contemporary art together. Through special, monthly Family Day workshops, and February and April School Vacation Week programs, families can enjoy firsthand experiences with art objects in our ever-changing current exhibitions and public art collection while learning more about artists’ practices, media and materials, and cultural and historical contexts of artmaking. 

Visitors have the opportunity to gather inspiration from original works of art to catalyze personal artmaking and creativity through hands-on art workshops at the List.  Past projects have exposed young artists to high-quality art materials and open-ended artmaking techniques, including printmaking, mask-making, painting, collage, and sculpture.  All hands-on workshops are free and open to the public.

New to visiting contemporary art museums with children? Take a family-friendly tour with the List’s knowledgeable staff, or collaborate on a hands-on art project to foster a love and appreciation for art that will grow as a child develops.

Visitors of all ages are welcome at the List’s Family Programs, but activities are best for children ages 3 through 12.

Explore past programs and projects in our Events and Programs Archive.