Oliver Herring: Videos

ShowingJune 13, 2005 - October 9, 2005

Born in Germany in 1964, Herring received his BFA from the University of Oxford in 1988 before moving to New York, where he earned his MFA at Hunter College in 1991. Herring first gained international recognition for his sculpture series A Flower for Ethyl Eichelberger: An Ongoing Project (1991-1994), a memorial to the legendary East Village drag performer and avant-garde playwright in the form of oversized clothes and objects knit from shimmering reams of mylar tape.
Continuing a signature theme of transforming simple elements into complex and captivating works, his current videos use commonplace editing techniques like reversals and time lapses to create striking visuals and playful narratives. Silhouetted figures spitting mouthfuls of water in his unadorned Brooklyn studio become statuesque fountains and fire-eaters through his manipulations of light and camera.   Human collaborators and bulldozers alike are choreographed into playful balletic dances collapsed through clever cuts and elegant plays of form.

The exhibition includes: Spit Reverse (2002), Dance 1 (2002), Street (2002), Trucks (2004), and Numbers (2004).

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