List Projects 29: Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV

A white gallery with five artworks on display. On the left wall hangs a gold tapestry depicting two figures, one standing and one kneeling. Two small creature-like sculptures made of metal and fabric sit on low pedestals. In the center of the room is a vertical wooden bathtub sculpture on metal supports. A large black frame-like wooden sculpture hangs on the back wall.

Exhibition view: List Projects 29: Brittni Ann Harvey & Harry Gould Harvey IV, MIT List Visual Arts Center, 2024. Photo: Dario Lasagni

Bakalar Gallery
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Brittni Ann Harvey
Harry Gould Harvey IV
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Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV harbor deep connections to place—and especially to the region surrounding their home of Fall River, Massachusetts. 

In their respective practices, both center themes, materials, and visual motifs that relate to the South Coast. The two also tend to a shared social practice as cofounders of the Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art. This artist-led educational and exhibition space sustains a dialogue with the town’s cultural present, as well as its past as a former home to over a hundred textile mills and hub for the maritime trades of whaling and fishing that drew Portuguese, Azorean, and Cape Verdean immigrants to the area.

The finale in a season of List Projects inviting artistic collaborations, their exhibition debuts a newly commissioned sculpture jointly authored by the pair and features recent and new pieces by each artist that engage South Coast visual culture and economic history. Rendered in sinewy bronze and upholstered trefoils, the creaturely forms of Brittni Ann Harvey’s Robot Dog series (2021–ongoing), for example, connect the town’s once-thriving textile mills to the robotics and tech companies now flourishing in Massachusetts. Harry Gould Harvey IV’s sculptures and works on paper also consider area class dynamics, reclaiming architectural ornamentation from Gilded Age mansions in Newport, RI, as the handcraft of laborers from nearby Fall River.

Interwoven with the critiques of industry that surface in both artists’ works are references to devotional and mystical iconography. Their shared affinity for the esoteric and transcendental lends a spiritual dimension to their artistic reflections on place and hints at the restorative impulse behind their observations. The capacity for healing attributed to mystical and visionary art complements the optimism of their joint contributions to the stewardship of Fall River’s past and present cultural life, or what the artists have called its “ecology of place.”

Brittni Ann Harvey (b. 1992, Newport, RI; lives and works in Fall River) has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions at NOW: Gallery, San Isidro, Peru (2022); Someday Gallery, New York (2021); and Anthony Greaney, Somerville, MA (2021). She has shown in group presentations at Nino Mier, Los Angeles (2023); the Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (2022); PPOW, New York (2021); and Nir Altman, Munich (2021), among others. She received her B.F.A. in Textiles from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Harry Gould Harvey IV (b. 1991, Fall River, MA; lives and works in Fall River) has been the subject of recent solo and two person exhibitions at PPOW, New York (2023); the Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York (2023); David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence (2021); Bureau, New York (2021); Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York, (2018); Motel, Brooklyn, (2018); and Atlanta Contemporary, (2018).

List Projects 29: Brittni Ann Harvey and Harry Gould Harvey IV is curated by Selby Nimrod, Assistant Curator.

About The Series

This special series of experimental List Projects programming commemorates the tenth anniversary of the series and is comprised of three exhibitions in the Bakalar Gallery. Each presentation will pair two artists who share a history of conversation and foster their continued collaboration through a joint commission. A closing workshop featuring all six artists will round out the series, offering an opportunity for the artists to reflect on what it means for institutions to prioritize conversation and collaboration in their exhibition spaces.


General operating support is provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the Council for the Arts at MIT; Philip S. Khoury, Vice Provost at MIT; the MIT School of Architecture + Planning; the Mass Cultural Council; and many generous individual donors. This exhibition is also supported by generous donors to the 2023 McDermott Award Gala, hosted by the Council for the Arts at MIT. The Advisory Committee Members of the List Visual Arts Center are gratefully acknowledged.