Just Stand There! Cel Crebeels, Eduardo Difarnecio, Neil Goldberg, João Onofre, and Joe Zane

ShowingMarch 22, 2003 - April 21, 2003

In many life practices-spiritual, philosophical, poetic, and esthetic-one must learn how to remain still. Sitting or standing still is hard work: the uncooperative world treats serenity as a punishable reproach of its own frenzy. And stillness of the body can cause the chattering monkeys of the brain to screech louder, an overzealous committee of nags, busybodies, and worriers. The artists in Just Stand There! use stillness and responses to it as formal framing devices to very different ends, from the contemplative to the worldly, from to quotidian to the quixotic. The MIT Media Test Wall is located in a appropriately busy space. Nearly static images, sometimes punctuated by bursts of activity may take on a palpable solid sculptural presence when accentuated by the chaos of the setting, a place where we hope these experiments in stillness may be needed and welcome.

Just Stand There!

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