Talk wih Dominic Hall, Curator of the Warren Anatomical Museum, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

June 11, 2009, 7:00PM

20 Ames Street Building E15
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dominic Hall is the curator of The Warren Anatomical Museum which is part of the Countway Library of Medicine’s Center for the History of Medicine. The Warren Museum was created from the original donation of Dr. John Collins Warren’s (1778-1856) personal specimen collection. Like many physicians of his day, Dr. Warren collected interesting and unusual anatomical and pathological specimens to aid his practice and study. He began collecting materials as early as 1799, and expanded his collection to assist in the teaching of medical students.

 The Museum’s present collection contains approximately 15,000 items including: anatomical and pathological specimens; various wax, paper mache, and dry preparation anatomical models; photographs, prints, paintings, and drawings; medical instruments and machines; and other medical memorabilia. Along with the well-known skull of Phineas Gage, the Museum holds many other rare and interesting items.  Matthew Day Jackson visited the collection to research Phineas Gage.  The collection also influenced Jackson’s development of the sculptural installation Study Collection, currently on view in Jackson’s exhibition The Immeasurable Distance.

Hall will discuss the Warren Museum collection and its importance in the context of medical history and education.

This talk is FREE and open to the general public.

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