Student Loan Art Program Artwork Pickup

September 10 - 11, 2014, 12:00PM - 6:00PM

20 Ames Street, Bldg. E15
Cambridge MA 02139

This year’s lottery results are posted both on the List’s gallery doors and on our website by 6 pm on Tuesday, September 9. Recipients (and alternates*) also receive an email from the List on this day. *A limited number of students who did not get one of their selections during the lottery process will be selected as “alternates,” and will be able to choose a piece from remaining works on view in the galleries during dispersal.

If you are a lottery recipient, please visit the List to fill out required paperwork and to claim your artwork from the galleries. You must present your valid MIT ID at this time. Staff will be available from noon to 6 pm to distribute work and review the care and proper handling of artwork. Please note: lottery recipients must collect their artwork on these days; artworks cannot be held for you and no one may collect your artwork in your stead.

If you are an alternate, please visit the List galleries to see which artworks were not selected during the lottery process. You must present your valid MIT ID to claim an artwork. Staff will be available from noon to 6 pm to assist you with the steps of the selection process, give you the correct paperwork, and review care and handling procedures.

For more information, contact:

Mark Linga
[617] 253-4680

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