Student Event Slow Looking Art Workshop

February 25, 2016, 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Ray and Maria Stata Center
32 Vassar Street, Bldg. 32G
Cambridge, MA 02139

Visit the List for our monthly mindful, artful study break that aims to reduce stress by looking, discussing, and sketching. Take a moment for self-care and join in this session to spend time considering art with museum staff and students. The workshop focuses on Anish Kapoor’s 2010 sculpture Non-Object (Plane), on view in the Ray and Maria Stata Center lobby. Look closely and reflect upon (and within) the artwork, then enjoy guided sketching in the space. All materials for sketching are provided. 

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About the Workshops 

Slow Looking Art Workshops are a series of study breaks at the List Visual Arts Center that harness the natural role of art to provoke reflection and contemplation. The List invites MIT students to slow down, observe and reflect among peers, and create drawings in a quiet environment. Using the art exhibitions on display in our galleries and across the Institute, an experienced facilitator and guest co-facilitator will lead students in a “slow looking” activity (group discussion of one carefully selected work of art) followed by guided sketching using quality art supplies. The 2015-2016 workshops are sponsored by MIT’s MindHandHeart Innovation Fund.

For more information, contact:

Courtney Klemens
[617] 253-4680

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