• Lars Jan, The Institute of Memory Time

Public Program The Institute of Memory (TIMe): A Digital Identity

November 14, 2017, 6:00PM - 7:30PM

MIT Media Lab Third Floor Atrium (75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA 02142)

In today’s society, the understanding of one owns identity becomes blurred as technology progresses. How do we as human’s create borders around our identities as we engage in contemporary technologies? Please join artist Lars Jan and Professor of Media Technology Pattie Maes as they consider the future of memory. Hosted by David Henry, from the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, this intimate and provocative conversation will touch on the interplay between technology and human identities while exploring the porosity and created borders of our own identity.

 This program is co-presented by the MIT List Visual Arts Center, MIT Media Lab, and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

Please note this talk takes place at the MIT Media Lab, Third Floor Atrium (75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

The talk is free and open to the public but RSVP is required.  RSVP here.

 About the Speakers

Lars Jan is a director, writer, visual artist, and founder of Early Morning Opera, a genre-bending performance + art lab whose works explore emerging technologies, live audiences, and unclassifiable experience. Jan’s original works — including Holoscenes, The Institute of Memory (TIMe), and Abacus— have been presented by the Whitney Museum, Sundance Film Festival (New Frontier), BAM Next Wave Festival, Times Square Arts, the World Science Festival, Under the Radar, REDCAT, Hammer Museum, PICA TBA Festival, Toronto Nuit Blanche, London’s Burning, NYU Abu Dhabi, and the Istanbul Modern among others. Jan is a past MacDowell and Princeton Atelier Fellow, and recipient of the Sherwood and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts100 Awards. He is on faculty at CalArts and a TED Senior Fellow.

 Pattie Maes is a professor in MIT’s Program in Media Arts and Sciences as well as academic head of the MAS Program. She runs the lab’s Fluid Interfaces research group which aims to radically reinvent the human machine experience. Coming from a background in artificial intelligence and human computer interaction, she is particularly interested in the topic of cognitive augmentation, or how immersive and wearable systems can actively assist people with memory, learning, decision making, communication and wellbeing.

 This program is supported by the MIT List Visual Arts Center, MIT Media Lab, and the Institute of Contemporary Art.

 Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera will be performing The Institute of Memory (TIMe) at the Insitute of Contemporary Art on Friday, November 17 and Saturday, November 18.

For more information, contact:

Emily Garner

  • Photo: Lars Jan


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