Max Wasserman Forum The Scholarly and Artistic Contributions of Jeanne Wasserman

June 14, 2006

MIT List Visual Arts Center
20 Ames Street, Bldg. E15
Cambridge, MA 02139

Max Wasserman Forum June 2006

The Scholarly and Artistic Contributions of Jeanne Wasserman


Arthur Beale

Ivan Gaskell

Context: In the spring of 2006, The List Visual Arts Center is presenting a special Wasserman Forum devoted to Jeanne Wasserman’s achievement and continuing influence as an art-histoian and writer, curator, and educator. It will feature papers by two of her eminent colleagues, Arthur Beale and Ivan Gaskell, whose work is indebted to her contributions, as well as presentations on Max and Jeanne Wasserman’s crucial role in supporting the establishment and groth of greater Boston’s contemporary art venues.

  • Danh Vo, 02.02.1861, Last letter of Saint Théophane Vénard to his father before he was decapitated, copied by Phung Vo, 2009. Ink on paper, 29.6 x 21 cm. Photo: Danh Vo.

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