LVAC Film NIght: Jack Smith, Overstimulated (1960), Flaming Creatures (1963); Adolfo Arrieta, and The Adventures of Sylvia Couski (1975)

February 11, 2010, 7:00PM

20 Ames Street Building E15
Cambridge, MA 02139

Overstimulated (US/1960/5 minutes) dir., Jack Smith
“This short film, restored in 1995, stars Jerry Sims and the late filmmaker, Bob Fleischner. It is an early filmic exploration of the ‘aesthetic of delirium’ which Smith developed in his later films. At one time, in the 1970s this film was treated by Smith as a fragment, and included in various film/performances with No President. ” - J.T. Plaster Foundation

Flaming Creatures (US/196¾5 min.) dir., Jack Smith
Described by Smith as “a comedy set in a haunted music studio,” this carnal polysexual explosion of filmic terrain literally caused reactions from bomb threats, from the 1964 unanimous decision by the jury of Belgium’s Third International Experimental Film Competition that “the showing of it was impossible in regard to Belgian laws”, to the 1967 opinion of Chief Justice Warren(US Supreme Court) that the film was “not within the protections of the First Amendment” because of its “utter [lack of] social value”. FLAMING CREATURES is lauded by many as the most radical and influential film experiment to emerge from the period. – Canyon Cinema

The Adventures of Sylvia Couski (France/1972/85 min) A film by Adolfo Arrieta
Starring Marie-France, Michèle Moretti, and Howard Vernon, Spanish-born painter and filmmaker Adolfo Arrieta’s “Les intrigues de Sylvia Couski” is considered a milestone in Parisien underground cinema. Shot within the transvesitite scene of Paris in 1973 without a script, is a kind of musical fable of a group of people reinventing themselves and the city around them.

This film program is offered in conjunction with the List Center’s exhibition Virtuoso Illusion: Cross Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde. The program was organized by List Center adjunct film curator John Gianvito.

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