LVAC Film Night: Interkosmos

June 10, 2010, 7:00PM

20 Ames Street Building E15
Cambridge, MA 02139

Interkosmos, (US/2006/71 min.), Directed by Jim Finn

This LVAC Film Night will feature a post-screening conversation between Interkosmos director Jim Finn and LVAC adjunct film curator, John Gianvito.

Sending up the bombast and ambition of the Cold War-era space race, this bizarre mockumentary follows the progress of a fictitious East German program known as Interkosmos. The film incorporates animation, fake newsreels, musical numbers, and live-action scenes in its chronicle of the plan to use space voyages to discover inhabitable worlds on which to plant the Communist flag.

“A cosmonaut romance set aboard a 1970s East German space mission to colonize the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, Interkosmos weaves together lovingly faked archival footage, charmingly undermotivated musical numbers, propagandistic maxims (‘Capitalism is like a kindergarten of boneless children’), stop-motion animation (of a suitably crude GDR-era level), a Teutonic (and vaguely Herzogian) voiceover, and a superb garage-y Kraut-rock score (by Jim Becker and Colleen Burke). Finn’s deadpan is immaculately bone-dry, and his antiquarian fastidiousness is worthy of Guy Maddin.” -Dennis Lim, Village Voice

Presented in conjunction with the List Center’s exhibition Orthostatic Tolerance: It Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea if I Never Went Home. The program was organized by List Center adjunct film curator John Gianvito.

This screening is FREE and open to the public.

For more information, contact:

Mark Linga
[617] 452-3586

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