Harvard Film Archive Film Series: Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige - Lost Films and Mediations The Lebanese Rocket Society

February 20, 2016, 7:00PM

Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge MA

The Harvard Film Archive (HFA)  is pleased to present Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige - Lost Films and Mediations,  a retrospective of the films of Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige to coincide with their List Center exhibition I Must First Apologize…

Screening takes place at the Harvard Film Archive.  For more info click here.

The Lebanese Rocket Society, 2013.

DCP, color, 92 min.
Arabic and French with English subtitles.

Special Event Tickets $12
Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige in Person

When Hadjithomas and Joreige stumbled upon documentation of a group of Lebanese scientists engaged in rocket and space research in the early 1960s, they wondered why this bit of history had vanished so thoroughly from the memory of their generation and the one before. Thus began a work of archival research as the reclamation of a forgotten past that also points toward an alternative future. This historical documentary serves as a reminder of the time of the political optimism of pan-Arabism, before the disillusionment brought on by the defeat of the 1967 Six Day’s War—a time when rockets were about science, satellite communication and space exploration, not weaponry.

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