Film Screening and Artist's Talk Redmond Entwistle

January 10, 2015, 4:00PM

Bartos Theater, 20 Ames Street, Bldg. E15-070, Cambridge MA 02139

Join us for a film screening and talk with artist Redmond Entwistle, who will be present to discuss four of his films created between 2000 and 2009. This will be the most comprehensive theatrical screening of his works to date. The screening and talk is presented in conjunction with the exhibition List Projects: Redmond Entwistle, on view January 6 – February 15, 2015.
Combining documentary with fictional scenarios, the films of Redmond Entwistle (b. 1977, London) examine specific geographical sites, pedagogical models, and historical figures and events as a means to address larger issues that include how social and economic inequalities are reproduced from one generation to the next and the limits of artistic representation.

Belfast Trio (Tea at Four O’Clock/The Hollow Ball/The Apprentice), 2009
35mm film to HD video, color, sound, 9 min.

Considering Belfast’s efforts to enter the global creative economy in the 21st century, Belfast Trio combines a soap opera scenario with footage of Belfast’s redevelopment efforts and interviews with professionals from its film and IT industries.

Satellite, 2009
16mm film to HD video, color, sound, 10 min.

Constructed from broken tracking shot that trace the architecture around an intersection in Toronto, Satellite explores the function of the storefront and gallery space in the economies of contemporary art.

Paterson-Łódź, 2006
16mm film to HD video, color, sound, 20 min.

Paterson-Łódź considers the history of labor and immigration in Paterson, New Jersey and Lodz, Poland by exploring the role of these cities’ Jewish populations in the Lodz insurrection of 1905 and the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike.

Social Visions, 2000
16mm film, b&w, sound, 15 min.

Using interviews, panoramic photographs, and media reports, Social Visions explore the layers and disjunctures in the experience and image of the City of Los Angeles.

This event is free.  All are welcome.

For more information, contact:

Mark Linga
[617] 253-4680

  • Walk-Through, 2012, HD Video, b&w/color, 5.1 surround, 18 mins.
    Courtesy of Redmond Entwistle

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