Community Legacy with Elisa Hamilton

The Student Loan Art Program is an authentic showing of generosity. The collection itself began with generous support – the artwork that exists in the collection is evidence of that legacy, both of benefactors and artists alike. By loaning these works to members of the MIT community, The List continues that tradition. In the spirit of this generosity, artist Elisa H. Hamilton asks the MIT Community what members want their personal legacies to be.

Participants are invited to respond to the prompt: “What will you leave behind?” by writing down their responses and physically leaving them behind in a growing installation of personal proclamations. As more and more boxes are created, the installation will grow, as physical evidence of a community’s legacy. When the installation period has ended the contents of each box will be posted online as public evidence of each bequeath.

This project coincides with the  the Student Loan Art Program Exhibition and Lottery.  Visitors can participate anytime they visit the galleries. 

Elisa Hamilton will be on hand to interact with visitors on September 7 and September 12.

This program is free and open to all.

XCOVID-19In response to COVID-19, the List Visual Arts Center closed March 13, and will remain so until further notice. For more information and updates clickhere.