Advisory Committee

2021-2022 Advisory Committee

Audrey Foster, Chair
Geoffrey L. Hargadon, Previous Chair
Murray Abramson
Karen Arenson
Suelin Chen
Patricia Dellorfano
John Durant
John Frishkopf
Idee German Schoenheimer
Susanne Ghez
Paul Ha
Drew Katz
Philip Khoury
Leila Kinney
Lucy Moon-Lim
Cindy Reed
Murray Robinson
Matt Saunders
Kelly Sherman
Jeanne Stanton
Gloria Sutton

The List Center Advisory Committee is comprised of supportive, interested individuals including, well-known curators, artists, and collectors of art. The Committee has newly instituted giving requirements and term limits and under the direction of a new Committee Chair, four Subcommittees have also been reactivated: Nominating, Marketing & Development, Collections, and Programming.

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