Each year approximately fifteen individuals donate their time to the LVAC. They include undergraduate or graduate students hoping to learn more about contemporary art or the museum field, newcomers to the Cambridge area, and individuals looking to change career paths. All have the chance to learn more while contributing their unique skills and experiences.




Volunteer/interns work in many areas, including public relations, curatorial, fundraising, collections management, and arts education. Responsibilities have included organizing small exhibitions and assisting in producing major exhibitions and publications, drafting press releases and fund raising proposals, researching artists for the permanent collection, and designing printed pieces. Special tasks undertaken by interns have included organizing an exhibition for the Media Test Wall, writing exhibition text panels, translating texts, contacting community groups about new programs, and archiving collections records for hundreds of works of art.

In order for an internship to work well, there must be enough time for interns and the LVAC staff to get to know each other to ensure that the interests and needs of both are met. Although interns handle some mundane tasks, each intern works on a several substantial projects. Hence, a one-month internship might entail working 3-4 days/week, while a semester-long internship might be 1.5 to 2 days/week.

We are also happy to work with students so they can receive college credit if applicable. Internships at the LVAC are unpaid.



To apply for an internship at the LVAC, please e-mail,
mail, or fax a cover letter and resume/bio to:


David A. Freilach

Assistant Director

    MIT List Visual Arts Center
20 Ames Street, E15-109
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-253-5076   Telephone
617-258-7265   Fax


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