Sonia Almeida: Forward/Play/Pause


Cheyney Thompson: Metric, Pedestal, Landlord, Cabengo, Récit

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Nairy Baghramian: Boats Magazine


Following is a reverse chronological list of exhibition catalogues offered by the MIT List Visual Arts Center, dating back to 1980. Publications may be purchased in the gallery, or charged by phone or e-mail through Barbra Pine at 617-253-9479 or (please note: we currently accept MasterCard and Visa only).

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2011-2015   Sonia Almeida: Forward/Play/Pause
     Cheyney Thompson: Metric, Pedestal, Landlord, Cabengo, Récit
    Nairy Baghramian: Boats Magazine
    Alan Uglow: Standards and Portraits
  Amalia Pica
  Otto Piene Lichtballett
  Hans Haacke 1967
  Juan Downey: The Invisible Architect
  Stan VanDerBeek: The Culture Intercom



Frances Stark: This could become a gimick [sic] or an honest articulation of the workings of the mind

    Tavares Strachan/Orthostatic Tolerance: It Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea if I Never Went Home

Virtuoso Illusion: Cross-Dressing and the New Media Avant-Garde

    Tobias Putrih & MOS: Without Out  
    Matthew Day Jackson: The Immeasurable Distance
    Melanie Smith: Spiral City & Other Vicarious Pleasures
    Davis, Cherubini: in Contention
    Adel Abdessemed: Situation And Practice
    Chantal Akerman: Moving Through Time and Space
    David Claerbout: The Shape of Time
    Sounding the Subject/Video Trajectories: Selections from
the Pamela and Richard Kramlich Collection and the New Art Trust
    Cameron Jamie
    Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art
    9 Evenings Reconsidered: Art, Theatre, and Engineering, 1966
    America Starts Here: Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler


  Christian Jankowski: Everything Fell Together
    Sturtevant: The Brutal Truth
    Pavel Braila
    Cerith Wyn Evans: Thoughts Unsaid, Now Forgotten...
    Body Parts: A Self-Portrait by John Coplans
    Marjetica Potrc: Urgent Architecture
    Michael Joo
    Fred Wilson: Speak of Me as I Am (50th Venice Biennale)
    Paul Pfeiffer
    After the Beginning and Before the End
    A A Bronson: Mirror Mirror
    Race in Digital Space
    Inside Space: Experiments in Redefining Rooms


  Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s
    Luca Buvoli: FLYING-Practical Training for Beginners
    Experiments in the Everyday: Allan Kaprow and
Robert Watts-Events, Objects, Documents
    Jane and Louise Wilson
    María Magdalena Campos-Pons: Meanwhile, The Girls Were Playing
    A Unique American Vision: Paintings by Gregory Gillespie
    Eve Andrée Laramée: A Permutational Unfolding
    Alfredo Jaar: Lament of the Images
    Matthias Mansen: About the House
    Mirror Images: Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation
    Francesc Torres: The Repository of Absent Flesh
    Jill Reynolds: The Shape of Breath
    The Art of Detection: Surveillance in Society
    Recovering Lost Fictions: Caravaggio's Musicians
    Kay Rosen: Short Stories/Tall Tales
    J.C. Grigley & Co.: Ordinary Conversations
    19 Projects: Artists in Residence at the List Visual Arts Center
    Face-to-Face: Recent Abstract Painting
    Next of Kin: Looking at the Great Apes


  The Anxious Salon
    The Masculine Masquerade
    Leon Golub and Nancy Spero: War and Memory Muntadas:
Between the Frames: The Forum
    Ghost in the Machine
    Sandy Walker: Woodblock Prints
    Maria Fernanda Cardoso
    Angela Grauerholz: Recent Photographs
    Subversive Crafts
    Corporal Politics
    Michiko Kon
    The Process of Elimination: The Bathroom, The Kitchen,
and the Aesthetics of Waste
    Terra Nova: Drawings and Models by Lebbeus Woods
    Orshi Drozdik, Jon Tower: Science Fictions
    Cannibal Eyes
    Per Kirkeby: Paintings and Drawings
    Warren Neidich: Historical In(ter)vention
    Barbara Broughel: The Storytelling Chairs
    Juan Francisco Elso Padillo
    (not so) Simple Pleasures: Content and Contentment
in Contemporary Art


  Natural Forms and Forces: Abstract Images in American Sculpture
    Peter Fischli David Weiss
    LA Hot and Cool Still Performances
    The Missing Picture: Alternative Contemporary Photography from the Soviet Union
    Satellite Intelligence: New Art from San Diego and Boston
    Synthetic Spaces: Holography at MIT
    Matt Mullican: The MIT Project
    Nancy Burson: The "Age Machine" and Composite Portraits
    Jno Cook: Radically Recycled Cameras
    Rebecca Purdum: Paintings
    Trouble in Paradise
    Richard Ross: Museology Triptychs
    Clockwork: Timepieces by Artists, Architects, and Industrial Designers
    Beverly Pepper: An Autobiography in Form
    Felix Droese: House of Weaponlessness
    Three on Technology: New Photographs by Robert Cumming,
Lee Friedlander and Jan Groover
    Tishan Hsu: Paintings
    Ellsworth Kelly: Small Sculpture 1958-1987
    Art and Architecture at MIT: A Walking Tour
    Out of Eastern Europe: Private Photography
    Tony Smith: The Shape of Space
    Things Are Seldom What They Seem, Or Local Sculptors/Found Materials
    Louise Nevelson: Works in Wood
    Alvaro Siza: Buildings and Materials
    Alexander Calder: Artist as Engineer


  Dedication of the Albert and Vera List Visual Arts Center
    Nude, Naked, Stripped
    Artists and Architects Collaborate: Designing the Wiesner Building
    Robert Moskowitz: Recent Paintings and Pastels/Judith Shea: Recent Sculpture
    Aesthetics of Progress: Forms of the Future in American Design 1930s-1980s
    Visions of Paradise: Vito Acconci, David Ireland, James Surls
    Jacques Lipchitz: Sculptor and Collector
    On the Wall/On the Air: Artists Make Noise
    Jackie Windsor/Barry Ledoux: Sculpture
    Peter Campus/Photographs and David Deutsch/Paintings
and Drawings
    Affinities: Myron Stout, Bill Jensen, Brice Marden, Terry Winters
    Wake By Day, Wake By Night Monumental Monotypes by Michael Mazur
    Mediums of Language: Vernon Fisher, Myrel Chernick, Paul Sharits
    Recent European Prints
    Great Big Drawings
    Body Language: Figurative Aspects in Recent Art
    Furniture by Architects
    Four Painters
    Jonathan Borofsky: Installation
    The Material Objects
    Agnes Denes
    Between Inventory and Memory: The Architecture of Aldo Rossi


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