Reference Gallery

Anicka Yi

ShowingMay 22, 2015 - July 26, 2015

Reference Gallery

The work of Anicka Yi incorporates deep-fried flowers, handcrafted perfumes, snails, honey, and other perishable substances, together with mundane objects that do not degrade, such as chrome shelving, a plastic foot massager, and CDs. Considering the experience of personal relationships and loss, her work evokes tensions between male signifiers, such as chrome dumbbells, and the association of flowers with the feminine, for example. At other times her pieces manifest an antagonism that is more explicitly chemical, such as when she embeds desiccant beads in glycerin, a substance used to keep things moist. Exploring scent and decay, her work creates a sensorial experience that disrupts our predominantly visual culture. That strategy is reinforced by her use of glycerin or paraffin wax, which are both “colorless” substances with unstable states: At room temperature, paraffin wax is a soft solid, but begins to melt at higher temperatures, while glycerin soap dissolves in water.

Anicka Yi (b. 1971, Seoul, lives and works in NYC) studied at CUNY–Hunter College.  She has had solo exhibitions at 47 Canal, New York; Lars Friedrich, Berlin; Galerie Rudiger Schoettle, Munich; and she has forthcoming solo exhibitions at The Kitchen, NY, and Kunsthalle Basel. She has been included in the 2014 Taipei Biennial and the 2013 Biennale de Lyon, France. Group exhibitions include those at SculptureCenter, White Columns, Bortolomi, The Artist’s Institute, and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, all in New York, as well as Karma International, Zurich and T293, Rome, among several others. 

Anicka Yi is a 2014-15 Visiting Artist at MIT, presented by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) and the MIT List Visual Arts Center.
  • Anicka Yi, Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’, 2009
    glass, halogen light, jello, flowers, tempura batter, water, acetate
    dimensions variable (aquarium 39” x 39” x 23”)

  • Anicka Yi, Sister, 2011
    tempura fried flowers, cotton turtleneck
    dimensions variable

  • Anicka Yi, You Should Hire Me Because My Kiss Is On Your List, 2010
    metal bowl, gesso, water, laptop adapter, clay, currency, ring box,
    pumice stone, msg, sand, wax plastic handle, styrofoam pedestal
    dimensions variable